Originally home to the Connecticut New Media Association (CNMA) meetings in the late 1990’s, the VFW on the 2nd Thursdays of each month continued to be our CoolTea Talk event location when we absorbed the CNMA in 2001. When setting up the room before my CoolTea Talk events, I would look at the various plaques and memorials dedicated to veterans and think, “Gee – those people fought physically for our freedoms so we can do things like this, host events to inspire pursuits and freedoms of intellectual terrain like this unfolding internet.” Accordingly, while many people laughed at me for hosting events in this venue, as opposed to more upscale hotel conference facilities, I loved the spirit of this place. And while I’ve never served in the armed forces, I always approached the place with respect and a silent salute to the honor of being free to host business networking events my way.

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