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About Westport Americana

There are two sets of photos in this collection, both of which involve CoolTea Talks in 2005 at the Westport Connecticut VFW-399.

The first set of photos are from an early evening on July 25th 2005 as Katie and I drove around Westport Connecticut trying to get pizza venues interested in participating with the upcoming August 11th 2005 CoolTea Talk – “Managing Serious Fun and Seriously Fun Beer & Westport Pizza Tasting.”

The American Flags blowing on the Post Road Bridge over the Saugatuck River seemed to have had a personality all their own that night. So I hopped out of the car and snapped the pics you see here.

Along the way I also shot the VFW and two of the three pizza venues that ended up participating with the August event.

Then on the drive home, I spied this beautiful majestic lone deer in a Wilton Connecticut field off Route 33, hence the fire setting sun in the tree tops with a mist rising in the field as this deer gently went forth.

The last three photos are from the August 11th CoolTea Talk and are action shots from the event – it was tasty and a great success.

FYI on CoolTea Events Back Then

Chuck is the founder of CoolTea and since the late 1990s has hosted hundreds of business networking events that have attracted over 10,000-plus attendees.

One of Chuck’s favorite locations for hosting CoolTea Talks – panel discussions featuring experts – was the VFW 399 in Westport Connecticut – which had been home to the prior Connecticut New Media Association before being merged with CoolTea.

Westport is a delightful town with great shopping, restaurants, water views plus more.

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Gallery of Westport Americana Pizza Fest Photos

Below are 32 photos starting off with the American Flags blowing over the Saugatuck River, the Westport VFW-399, pizza sponsors, deer walking through an evening field, and ending with a couple action shots from the August 11th 2005 CoolTea Talk and pizza fest – enjoy!

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About the August 11th 2005 CoolTea Talk

Back then, CoolTea Talks were primarily held at the Westport VFW-399 on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Hosting business networking events in the summer, at least in New England, is a tough act as we compete with Mother Nature during the limited couple of months of fine weather.

Thus I planned to have a more lighthearted CoolTea Talk for August 11th 2005 and had invited a beer expert, Gregg Glaser, and a woman who ran a social networking group (which as of this writing is no longer online) to be the featured presenters.

Then to add fun, I contacted several local Westport pizza venues to see if they would like to donate pies and participate in a pizza tasting during that event.

Ennio Dinino from BangBang Pizza, Luciano from Planet Pizza, and Maria from Tutti Invitati, all stepped up with amazing pies.

That night fifty-plus event attendees enjoyed a wonderful summer evening with two presentations, delicious beer and pizza tastings, plus awesome business networking.



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