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About Directed and Collaborative Videos

Theater Chairs - photo by Chuck ScottAs a Creative Consultant, it is hard to measure my influence.

One suggestion sometimes yields amazing results, but defining where winning ideas and plans spring forth and those who labor to produce said projects is a slippery slope.

I had one client who said, “I don’t want to think of you as a coach – as that term, coach, seems to imply I needed something or was deficient which is not the case. I prefer to think of you as a creative consultant and trusted person who bounced and sprinkled ideas that we shared and noodled on for said project …”

I mention this because most video projects involve teams of people and talents – e.g., actors, camera, editors, sound, script, finance, etc. Thus for this section I’ve decided best to simplify my video projects into two categories: those I’ve directed, and those I’ve played a collaborative part in – enjoy!

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Videos Directed by Chuck Scott

The following videos were directed and produced by Chuck:

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Collaborative Videos

Below are links to some other video projects I’ve been involved with:

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Not Pictured – Well, Not Here on This Site That Is

My video portfolio also includes coaching others on how best to orchestrate a success path for optimum results – one that helps them identify formats and techniques to best capture, edit, render, compress, and/or convert to different formats – e.g., edit TV interviews on VHS tape and convert to DVD like this one; create a family legacy tribute video such as this one.



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