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About Wall of Support

Instead of adding a “Donate” or “Buy Me a Cup of Coffee” button on this site to encourage financial contributions, I’ve decided to try something different.

During the Renaissance, people who financially supported the arts were known as patrons. So instead of saying customers, fans, readers, subscribers, or combinations, I’ve decided to adopt the term patron for anyone who makes a financial contribution to ChuckingIt.com – akin to how you might donate or buy somebody a cup of coffee on another site, but in this case you become a “Tea Patron” and get listed on this Wall of Support.

Each Tea Patron has the opportunity to specify an amount, create a commercial patron blurb with link to your site, and have your patronage appear on this ChuckingIt.com Wall of Support (your option to be listed or not).

Three levels of patronage include: Herbal Tea Patron (under $50); Sweet Tea Patron ($50 and up); and Zen Tea Patron ($500 and up).

Accordingly, I cordially invite you to tea and to show your support, and of course, all patrons are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your patronage – cheers!

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Tea Patronage – How it Works

Click this link to be a Tea Patron and get listed on the ChuckingIt.com Wall of Support.

Simple two step process: first fill out the form with your name, dollar amount, patron message (limited to 250 characters) and a link to your site; then review your information on the next page, proceed to pay and checkout.

Once you have completed payment (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa), your Patron Number and Patron Message will be published in real-time on this site per the patron level you choose by your contribution.

There is a $2.00 minimum contribution.

You can buy as many Patron Numbers as you like, as often as you like, and each will appear on the Wall of Support in the order of most recent to oldest.

Patron Numbers cannot be modified once purchased; We reserve the right to reject any Patron Number for whatever reason (e.g., offensive, spam), in which case a refund will be issued.

You have the option to have your patronage appear on the Wall of Support or not.

The amount of your patronage is private and does not appear on this site.

[tab:Herbal Tea]

Patron Level 1 – Herbal Tea

Below is a list of Herbal Tea Patrons (under $50 listed by most recent to oldest):

Patron Number Patron Message
Patron #103 -
Ethan Winer
Web Site
Hey Chuck - best of success with this Wall of Support and let everybody know about my new book - The Audio Expert!

[tab:Sweet Tea]

Patron Level 2 – Sweet Tea

Below is a list of Sweet Tea Patrons ($50 and up listed by most recent to oldest):

Patron Number Patron Message
Patron #102 -
Katie and Kasha Scott
Web Site
Happy to be your favorite Sweet Tea Patrons. Good luck with this Wall of Support and Woof On!

[tab:Zen Tea]

Patron Level 3 – Zen Tea

Below is a list of Zen Tea Patrons ($500 and up listed by most recent to oldest):

Patron Number Patron Message
Patron #101 -
Anne Scott
Web Site
When it comes to listing or buying real estate in Ridgefield Connecticut, I'm your Realtor.


History and Genesis for the Wall of Support

When I first started writing seriously circa 1990, I had taken a writing class at a Connecticut University to upgrade my skills. My then teacher sternly proclaimed that I was no good and would never amount to anything thus vehemently encouraged me to give up.

Instead, I thought deeply about why I wanted to write and if this man was correct that my statistical probabilities of commercial writing success was not to be had. I invented an approach that ultimately gave birth to this virtual Wall of Support.

Back then I would write essays despite the lack of encouragement and commercial odds. I wrote about what was around me – trips, experiences, current events. With each essay I would print out a handful and start giving them out to friends and people who I thought might enjoy reading.

Yet at the back of every essay I had an appeal of sorts as part of my author blurb.

It kind of went like this,

“Hey – if you enjoyed reading this material then I’d ask two favors: A) Please pass it along to someone else so they might enjoy it; B) Please consider making a financial contribution to one of the following charities …” – I listed charities like Paul Newman’s Hole in the One Gang Camp for terminally ill kids; Guiding Eyes for the Blind, plus one or two others.

At the time I did not know what to expect and really hoped that the essays would not get round-filed, would live on and perhaps inspire commerce. I reasoned that if the traditional publishers were not going to pay me, maybe others could financially benefit.

Then something funny happened.

One day I got a check in the mail for $500.00 made out to one of the charities mentioned above with a note to me that said something like this, “Chuck – was very moved by your recent essay. It brought me to tears as I recalled the death of my grandmother while reading your account of death while traveling the LA back to NY flight. I could not put your essay down even when the beverage cart strolled by thus I cut this check per your instructions and thought I’d send it to you first so you can see before forwarding to said charity. Keep up the good work.”

Then another funny thing happened.

A month or two later I got another check in the mail made out to a different charity. This check was also substantial and from the CEO of a public New York stock exchange company (apparently his daughter left the essay on the kitchen table where he found it) with a similar note of appreciation and encouragement.

Somewhere into the late 1990’s my essay writing and distribution to circles of friends diminished – most likely because of my increasing use of web technology to share.

So when it came time to recreate my sites using the latest WordPress Multisite network technology that you see here, I decided to go back to my essay roots, hence the spirit behind this Wall of Support – viva the Tea Patrons – cheers!

[tab:Tea Pics]

Inspiring Sweet Tea Time Pics

Below are some inspiring tea time photos from an afternoon sweet tea Katie, Kasha and I enjoyed in 2008 at the Woodlands Inn in Summerville South Carolina – enjoy!


Click here to become a Tea Patron today – Herbal, Sweet, and Zen Levels Available!

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