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Retain Chuck for Winning Results

Boardrooms are Fun - Photo by ChuckScott.comI’m an Information Architect with a specialty in WordPress multisite information design. I am digitally fluent with all forms of human communication thus also consult in the areas of efluency and multimedia training.

My services can be retained per hour or per project, in-person at your location or virtually (e.g., email, phone, web) – your choice.

Why Me – Glad You Asked

I’m business school trained, a successful serial communications entrepreneur, and digitally fluent on both the server and client-side (PCs), thus I bring a unique perspective to client teams looking to leverage information design and multimedia opportunities that drive bottom line results.

I’m also just as comfortable in the world’s most demanding board rooms as I am in the smallest home office given that I’m a quick study in business models that feed both spectrums.

My biggest innate gift is being able to get up to speed quickly and help clients identify their best opportunities no matter what the market or industry.

Understanding the cycles of supply and demand, value-added, value-exchanged, scalability, and achieving market leadership are just some of the things I bring to the table.

Variety of Clients Over the Years

My clients have succeeded with my wearing one of many hats including: audio engineer, business innovation developer and facilitator, creative consultant, photographer, speaker, trainer, videographer, websmith and writer.

Even though the tools might change, the common denominator behind all my service offerings remains constant – I help clients refine their vision and successfully achieve their goals while performing within their budgets and time frames.

I’ve excelled at client communication projects offline since 1985 and have done so for some of the most demanding clients in the world – e.g., NFL Super Bowls, NHL Merchandising, Bank Leumi Promotions, Juran Institute Training Materials, IBM Point-of-Purchase.

And, I have been managing online communication projects since 1994 for equally demanding and diverse clients, such as Duty Free International, Shemin, and The Westchester County Bankers Association.


Here is My Elevator Pitch

When it comes to consulting, here’s my elevator pitch:

As an information architect, I sculpt success paths for digital communications projects given my business innovation and multimedia-web expertise, particularly when it comes to WordPress Multisite network information design. I also provide efluency coaching and multimedia training for individuals and teams. Call me and let’s make a plan for your success!

Business Innovation Services

Are you looking to grow your business by creating new revenue streams and/or by innovating new cost-saving methodologies?

Today’s digital landscape provides opportunities that allow us to think differently and do things not previously practical.

In the Innovation Examples section (last tab), I’ve outlined five integrated web applications that helped clients grow their businesses in ways previously not practical – e.g., the nurse who created a national movement would never have been able to do what she did as it would have been cost prohibited; ditto for the horticultural client who was able to increase response time with their customers and rotate inventories at greater speeds.

Some of those Innovation Examples started off as creative audits, others as team facilitation and vision shaping meetings.

For instance,

  • Consider this Creative Audit: Just because something can be done, doesn’t necessarily mean it is your opportunity as was the case for an international auction house when their marketing and tech teams wanted to roll out an online appraisal service. I was brought in to help evaluate the people-process-technology options involved and helped the client save money by realigning core capabilities with their current programs and prevented a major financial loss and potentially public relations embarrassment.
  • Vision Shaping and Team Facilitation: Yet the reverse is also true – just because there are naysayers onboard doesn’t mean that they are totally correct, which was the case when I was engaged by the horticultural firm when their marketing team was at a standstill with the information technologists. In this case, the techies thought the marketing team was unreasonable and the project undoable. The management wanted to portray strength in the marketplace, but was leery given a failed multi-million dollar integration project several years before. I rendezvoused with key stakeholders from tech, marketing and management, helped facilitate possible options, then lead a team to model a web application that ultimately validated both market acceptance and technology.


Coaching – Chuck Works for You

Virtual Creative Director On-Call

Do you have an ad, press release, script, web site, multimedia or video project that you are working on and would like to get a second opinion and/or help generating ideas for additional options?

As a virtual Creative Director, I bring a seasoned pair of “extra eyes” that provide a fresh perspective and generate breakthrough creativity to help bring your project to the next level.

eFluency and Multimedia Training

In addition to my creative development and facilitation services with corporate teams, I have also been training multimedia web editors, especially those within communities of worship who are responsible for the care-and-feeding of their congregation’s web site.

Thus digital fluency training is another service I provide to both individuals and teams. Plus my expertise in digital organization also brings continuing engagements – especially with respect to creating libraries and multimedia taxonomies for growth.


Speaking On Air and At Events

Speaking on air (e.g., radio, podcasts) or in-person via presentations at conferences, trade shows, professional associations, civic groups, universities, workshops, et al. – I love to share and no group is too small or too large.

Since 1990, my press interviews cover the spectrum from local media to international coverage via blue-chip brands. My dossier of university presentations includes many leading New England business and graduate schools. And my trade association presentations have covered a wide range of regions in North America.

Creativity, business innovation, social entrepreneurship, digital fluency, information architecture, WordPress Multisite networks, and business networking, are just some of my favorite strike zone topics for interviews, speaking and presentations.

Accordingly, I welcome the opportunity to speak and participate with your next forum!

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Innovation Examples

Consider the examples below which illustrate my ability to architect innovative solutions and techniques to drive business goals:

  • Photo Merchandising of Trees, Plants and Shrubs: As a horticultural wholesaler, you buy plants and living product from growers around the country who ship the living product to your yards, also located around the country. The product arrives, you take a picture of it, go to your printer and create fliers, then mail them to your customers saying, “Hey – look at the fresh product that just arrived”; but by the time the mailer arrives, two weeks have passed and you’ve spent time and money watering and fertilizing that product that isn’t so fresh anymore. Thus, how can you use digital photos and e-commerce to speed things up? I helped the client architect a solution, modeled it so we could validate technology and market response, then arranged for “application service provider” services that allowed each of their yards to upload pictures for their market in real-time, then scrubbed/optimized the pictures, and created an “e-wheelbarrow” application that allowed their customers to shop online for the freshest product.
  • A Nurse and Federal Legislation: What do you do when you’ve been stabbed with an HIV infected needle, then find out that over 800,000 such occupational hazards (secondary needle-stick infections) occur annually throughout acute care facilities across the USA? This was the first dynamic database application I developed as part of a strategy in tandem with several healthcare industry leaders, like BioPlexus. After two years with a robust website and integrated PR campaign, we successfully inspired federal legislation that forever changed the healthcare industry – a good thing – and it was the first site I closed at the bequest of the client, Lynda Arnold, because we accomplished our goals. As a side note, the key part of the database strategy was to create a free pledge, ask facilities to take the pledge, then record their response (yes or no to the pledge) on the site, listed by state. This simple Ben Franklin Balance Sheet online gained the attention of leading medical unions, manufacturers, educators, media and ultimately Congress.
  • Virtual Will-Call and a Film Festival: You run a statewide film festival and want to sell tickets online, but because the festival is happening in several cities, you want to allow your customers to pickup their tickets at facilities closest to them. I helped this client develop the e-commerce application that allowed their customer to securely buy tickets online, but the cool part was the virtual will-call under then hood – in this case, the customer elected the location to pick up their tickets, and I had the application trigger fulfillment orders to the corresponding location, plus updated the accounting/billing team – all of which was done in real-time.
  • A Priest and a Prayer Line: A church client looks out at his congregation and realizes his customers are not the ones in the pews but those who are not attending – thus, how do you bring the message to them? This is where I came in – helping the client develop web and multimedia solutions that would be attractive to his target audience and thus start to “pull them in.” Part of the strategy included leveraging one of their church’s key deliverables – a prayer line via phone trees. There was no online prayer-line, so we created one. This prayer-line was different from other e-commerce applications in that language played a key role – e.g., can’t say things like “click here to checkout” when dealing with a prayer line.
  • Event Registration and Mini-Classified Ads: People registering for a business networking event are usually looking for something, and have something to offer, so how do you construct the online registration process in a way that feeds their networking needs in advance of the event – e.g., know who is coming and what they have to offer or what they are looking for? Thus I innovated “Ihave Iwant” mini-classified ads that registering customers could opt-in or opt-out of thus respecting privacy yet also creating a forum that built added buzz in advance of the networking event plus served as a reminder post-event for further connections.
  • Other Projects: I have lead projects that also include: AS400 integration with web; lead on a steering committee overseeing a multi-million dollar mainframe conversion project for a global association; installed numerous blogs; produced event sites; plus built and managed various ecommerce sites for a spectrum of clients.



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