Song for VanDyke Featured On Puppy Raising Video

Seven minute video produced by Guiding Eyes for the Blind that show and tells what is involved in raising guide dog pups and the statisfaction one feels when they go on to succeed as living partners for visually impaired people – as heard in the ending song in this video by Katie Scott, Song for VanDyke.

Amazing Grace and the Black Keys

A must see video for every music lover, lover of humanity, and lover of God’s gifts, in this video Wintley Phipps tells the story behind the song Amazing Grace and ends with soul winning applause.

Music Industry and Recording with Elliott Scheiner

Legendary audio recording engineer Elliott Scheiner (Beck, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Cole, Bruce Hornsby, plus others) spoke at East Coast Music Mall (Danbury, Connecticut) about his rock record producing experience and take on the music industry today.

Water Damage Sniffed Out

Hundred year-old Cathederal faces modern water damage issue from old-iron interior wall pipes and in this video, Saint Patrick Bridgeport Pastor Father Chip recounts the story of how they tracked down the leaks – plus offers a wonderful history of how this grand building came into being.

Made in Connecticut

The video clip below is a project I participated with in early January 2008. I did the filming for the opening company (RAM) and the last company (RealTraps) but did not do the other companies inbetween (e.g., Painting, Fiberglass) but my camera was used for all the shooting. Ethan Winer did the editing, music, narration, […]

Chuck Scott Featured in Ridgefield Press Arts and Leisure Article Jan2008

Arts and Leisure Feature in Ridgefield Press

Guess who was featured in the January 17th Arts and Leisure Section – yours truly 🙂 Sorry no time to create text version but I did create this jpg version that you can read here. As an fyi, I thought Fran Sikorski did an awesome job in looping the Dec 11th CoolTea Songwriting event, Frankie […]

Truth about Windows Vista

For those of you who Santa delivered a Windows Vista machine, be sure to checkout this clip and my recommendation is to return your machine, get your money back, get a new machine with WinXP or maybe jump ship and get a MAC … ho ho ho!

Tele-Vision by Ethan Winer

Tele-Vision by Ethan Winer Goes Live

[tab:About Tele-Vision] About Tele-Vision I’m happy to announce that Ethan Winer has just gone live with his latest video and DVD release. Tele-Vision is an orchestral rock video by Ethan Winer that follows on the heels of his wildly acclaimed, “A Cello Rondo” – a video that has received critical acclaim and has exceeded over […]

Saint Patrick Mens Retreat

Audio Example of Voice-Over

[tab:About this Audio Project] About this Audio Project and Voice-Over It started when the client handed me some text for their upcoming event with contact information but nothing else, yet wanted to see if I could create an audio clip that would add interest for said event to post on their site. Thus Katie and […]

Intellectual Property Graveyard

Brief History of Copyrights – Why the Grateful Dead and Dave Mathews Band Get It and Why Our Founding Fathers Would Spit On The Black Rat

Chuck reflects on the current Intellectual Property landscape and laments that the most trusted people in this department, like USA Constitutional author Thomas Jefferson, had it right back with Article 1, Section 8 and Article 27 – 1 … but oh, how money corrupts and confirms the golden rule – in that those with the gold rule. Well, seemingly that is as today’s content creator has new open source options available.

Reinventing Capitalism – An Interview with Howard Bloom

In this 35 minute interview, Howard Bloom covers a wide spectrum of topics including: Enron executives not welcomed at country clubs, growth of Institutional record industry via Warner and CBS, what it means and why capitalism should be reinvented, the power of capitalism in that the miracle fabric of kings is now available to the poorest people on the planet, plus much more.