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Photo Intro

VanDyke and Katie Look at Prairie Dogs at Beardsley ZooThis section contains links to various photo exhibits. For more images, visit my fine art site WallSpaceWanted.com and photojournalism site RidgefieldTalks.com.

Licensing and About Photos

Many of Chuck’s photos are licensed via Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) thus you are free to share on a noncommercial basis.

These photos are also available for commercial license at reasonable fees.

Photographically speaking, my specialty tends to be at the intersection of Americana and nature – and at last count, my photo library exceeded 45,000 images. Said image library also includes a robust number of: abstract photos, band photos, celebrity photos, event photos, product photos, travel photos, etc.

If you do not see something here, just ask, as chances are I have a winning image in my library that will work great for your next project.

Currently I shoot mostly digital, and my favorite lens is my Canon 350 mm zoom. I am also an expert with Photoshop which leads me to ->

Altered or Enhanced

Once during a photo workshop years back, the instructor brought up the idea of photography being an art in time in that it captures a moment – a visual data point in time and space – one not to be repeated ever exactly the same way.

Thus he expressed his opposition to exhibiting digitally manipulated photos unless they were clearly identified as having been so, manipulated that is, vs the non-manipulated original version.

A vigorous debate ensued within that workshop room of 30-40 photographers. After listening to many points, I raised my hand and suggested the following:

Tweaking colors, cropping and other edits are really about image optimization thus are enhancements. Removing unwanted elements from an image is a different kind of editing and is really altering.

The instructor seemed pleased with these two labels, enhanced vs altered, as did many in the class.

And while I appreciate both types of images, enhanced and altered, my default is visual truth straight from the camera, or maybe perhaps a bit enhanced.

Thus I try to retain photographic truth with my camera and editing in that most of my images are either left alone and as they were from the camera, or enhanced a bit via cropping, sharpening, level tweaks.

If I ever exhibit an altered image, certainly I will include that mention in the exhibit listing.

[tab:Photo Exhibits]

Photo Exhibits by Chuck

Below are links to some photo exhibits and galleries on this site:

[tab:Buy Prints]

See Something You Like – Get a Print

All of my images are available as photographic prints (e.g., for home, office, or gift to loved one).

I can also create collage prints – e.g., 8×10 suitable for framing with custom text per your message.

Since my original source images are high resolution, I can also provide as large a print as you require, as well as arrange to have the image printed on any number of substrates (e.g., canvas, static-cling wall-art).

[tab:Help Me Pic]

Help Me Pic the Best Photos

When you join the CoolTea Network (Free Regular and Paid Pro Memberships Available), you have free access to ChuckingIt’s interactive features thus you can comment on and/or rate photos.

Your comments will help me understand which photos have the most emotional appeal thereby helping me to select those winning images to include on my fine art site, WallSpaceWanted.com.

Accordingly, thank you in advance for taking the time to add your thoughtful comments to the images on this ChuckingIt.com site. 🙂



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