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Sonic Intro

Listen - Audio and Music Projects with Chuck ScottThis page contains links to various audio projects, musical ditties, live recordings (concerts, lectures), interviews and miscellaneous sonics with Chuck Scott – just click the tabs for a list of corresponding links.

Licensing Ditties

Many of Chuck’s ditties are licensed via Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) thus you are free to share on a noncommercial basis.

These ditties are also available for commercial license at reasonable fees given Chuck owns all rights (e.g., composition, sound recording).

Commercially these ditties are ideal for background segments in business videos, presentations, film and TV – additionally, said ditties are great for physical therapy.*

Individually, these ditties are moody and provide the listener with a sense of musical journey, almost like a meditation, in that they venture through a changing landscape and often finish with a twist.

I should also mention that my ditties are hard to classify and am open to suggestions but for now I kind of say they are “Ambient Keyboard Electronica Infused with Romantic Piano and a Yippee to the Universe for Sharing Vibe.”

*Suited for Physical Therapy

The reason I suggest that my ditties are suited for physical therapy is based on firsthand experience.

Radio or song centric music played during physical therapy for three months in nursing home recovery was complicated … No music was worse but most of it was flat and irksome … Favorite CDs played by insistence of the most senior therapist were not ideal and dated … Nor weekend therapists CD selections also did not work … In that all cases, therapist bringing in their CDs and/or turning to favorite radio for music was not conducive or optimal recovery by patient(s) …

Thus on the other hand … What would have been appreciated is something more musically objective, with neutral voice, variant but beat building, cascading synths and rhythms with natural ebb and flow with kind peaks and valleys to make said physical therapy more tolerable but I digress.


Musical Ditties by Chuck

This section is in development …

  • Gobble Gobble Funk – soundtrack from this video


Audio Projects

Below are links to a small sample of some fun audio projects:


Audio Interviews Hosted by Chuck

The interviews below are listed by published date (most recent to oldest):


Audio Recordings

The live audio recordings below are listed by published date (most recent to oldest) and fall into one of a couple categories: Live Music; Lectures; Nature; Miscellaneous; and Performances:

Live Music



  • I don’t gig out often given the weight and size of my keyboard but here is clip from jam session with local friends: Turn this Car Around – song written by John Vella, performed by John Vella, Steve, and Chuck at John’s home studio in Norwalk.
  • Open Mic Night – unfortunately there is no recording of the Georgetown Saloon Open Mic night performance featuring Katie Scott singing live version of her song, Playing Solitaire. That night Jose Feliciano was in the house and I played tambourine along with Ethan Winer on guitar, Doug Ferrara on Bass, and Tom Schulz on house drums.



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