God You Are Good

Main Street Happy Hour - Ridgefield ConnecticutIf you saw me talking to myself and laughing on Main Street yesterday afternoon, let me explain.

I tend to be a bit of a space junky and love my own space unfettered by the vibrations and habits of others. This is one of the reasons I never sought corporate – in part because the idea of cubicles rubs against my grain.

Since 1995, I’ve been blessed to have my own studio – free of overhead and grumpy coworkers – thus am accustomed to spending a fair amount of time working solo.

So yes, I’ve since developed a tendency to talk to myself on occasion during work hours – especially when coding as it helps me think through some of the steps I’m working on.

Ditto for when editing, which is more of a reading aloud, voice-over, proof-of-concept thing vs. self-talk thing, but still vocal.

Self-talk is also applicable when it comes to spiritual thoughts – e.g., personal enjoyment via silent communion with God and His Management Team (note: I recently read that is important to verbalize our praises so to add volume and express gratitude out loud).

And yes, self-talk also includes talking to animals – e.g., with Kasha when street walking as it is important to reaffirm commands and confidence as we proceed – e.g., “Leave it” when it comes to other dogs and sometimes irresistible sniffs; “Good Girl” when it comes to proceeding through a cross walk with confidence with her in the lead, with her head up and a happy tail.

So yesterday while Kasha and I were out strolling along Ridgefield’s beautiful Main Street circa 3PM, I found myself conversing out-loud on all three levels.

The conversation and laughter started right after I started thinking about how to compute the number of stars in our Universe and was reflecting on a client’s recent blog post about the Second Sunday of Lent.

The client’s blog post started with: FIRST READING: Genesis 15: 5-12; 17-18. The Lord took Abram outside and said, “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.” Then He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.”

Somewhere else I had read about accounts of God conversing with Abraham and/or others akin to saying, “And where were you when I created the Universe ..??.. And go ahead, count the stars and tell me how many there are ..??..”

So this counting of stars got me to reflecting on the magnitude of our Universal Father.

This thinking was also inspired by this past Sunday’s workshop experience with Rev. Patrick Devine and his The Urantia Study Group at The Oaks on Long Island Sound in New Rochelle New York.

In an effort to help me get up to speed with my first data point with The Urantia Book, Rev. Patrick Devine took time to explain several beautiful works of art in the room that showed and referenced relations of the various Celestial Universes that Jesus presides over, ours included.

When I said “I get it,” many of the seasoned attendees were a bit taken back with body language that suggested, “Chuck, do you really get it?” and while I did not reply directly, my sense was “Yes – I kind of get it – e.g., God is awesome. God is expansive. God is unlimited. God is in control of billions of billions and way beyond billions of billions. God is love. God’s love is eternal. God is endless.”

So to my simple way of thinking what I think I get is this -> homeboy can’t truly fathom how much He truly manages but tip my hat 100% to His greatness and His mathematical awesomeness when it comes to counting stars (e.g., not counting His powers of love, creation, universal management, etc.).

Accordingly, I get that He is way beyond my comprehension, but I’m totally cool with that and respective of the fact that I don’t need to come up with a finite number of stars but an understanding that there are more stars than I could ever mathematically account for, works.

Thus for now, the fact that I get He is beyond my gettingness is okay with me and that as I evolve, I have faith that He will reveal and make known to me that which I’m able to process and/or be able to understand, according to His Will, His Wisdom, His Timetable, His Grace – yippee and aren’t we lucky to be on the receiving end of His Goodness!

So there I was walking along thinking a bunch of loose thoughts and saying thank you for all that was in my world but also pondering that He is aware of every car that drove by, past, present and future, and how incredible His everlasting awareness is when I just so happened to blurt out when thinking about His math skills in being able to account for et al., “God you are good!”

Then it dawned on me how funny my statement was in particular the word “good”. Something about Him creating the world in seven days and then stepping back and saying “that’s good”.

So there I was with pun-in-cheek kind of thinking, laughing and saluting His goodness, when it dawned on me that people driving by might wonder what was that guy doing hence this post.

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