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The Opposite of Love is Not Hate, It is Not Caring

This Van Speaks VolumesMuch of life can be distilled to binomial elements that somehow seem opposite yet also somehow seem necessary to hold them together.

We speak of these common binomial elements in everyday life like: good and evil; right and wrong; love and hate; black and white; north and south; east and west; up and down; etc.

Yet many people misunderstand the true nature of these binomial opposites – e.g., the true opposite of love is not hate – it is not caring.

After all, when one loves somebody or hates somebody, they spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to do to that other person, how they want to make that person feel, consumed with planning their next moves, etc.

So hate is not the opposite of love – not caring at all about that other person is the true opposite of loving that person.

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Evil Defined – an Absence of Love

In following up to my previous post about loving guide dogs vs killer Nazi concentration camp attack dogs, I was pondering the concept of evil while reflecting on some email threads with circles of friends about the current health care debate in Washington.

I suspect many people tend to think of evil as big, bad, scary, demonic, savage, ruthless people, critters and spirits. But this understanding of evil is perhaps a mistake and akin to thinking the opposite of love is hate.

At it’s simplest, I propose that evil can be defined as an absence – in particular, an absence of God, an absence of Divine, an absence of Love, an absence of caring, an absence of action, an absence of respect for Universal connectedness to all things.

Perhaps even defined further as a fullness of ego, a fullness of self-centeredness “I’ll get mine and the world be damned” kind of mentality.

Thus when somebody does something or says something that does not contain a basis of love, then it is fair to say that person is operating from a basis of evil.

Not that they have to appear as big, bad, scary ogres with flames, just to say that their basis for doing and speaking (and/or not doing or speaking) is void of Love, void of Divine, void of Universal Truth.

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If It is Good Enough For Us, Then Why Not for Them

Ditto on This Van Speaks VolumesThis post features videos that suggest corruptive winds are brewing in Congress and the poster boy for said ill / evil health care wind is Obama.

These videos get to the heart of the binomial issue (us vs them) – e.g., why are Obama, Congress, Senators, and their families exempt from the very health care reform they are trying to push on us?

Accordingly, the following videos were part of emails forwarded from circles with friends.

The videos are short, circa 4 minutes each, and feature Congressman Mike Rogers (Michigan). He addresses the Democratic Chair in the first video and highlights the binomial insanity of Democrats pushing one socialistic all or nothing solution.

Then in the second video he highlights the perverse incentives that will impact all employers, then goes on to quote health care stats and tells his own story as a cancer survivor who would not be alive had he been subject to an Obama-Care-like program.

If you watch both of these videos, you can see that Representative Rogers is coming from a basis of Love, while Obama’s team is absolutely coming from an evil basis. Now don’t get me wrong, as I’ve never met Obama and have every reason to believe he thinks he is a good person, but as the saying goes, “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good intentions”.

In the end, name calling or saying one is good or evil doesn’t move the ball for reform in either direction. Certainly, I’m all for some kind of reform that helps bring health care to affordable quality levels but I’m also not a fan of most consumer-related things government generated (e.g., consider declining public school student satisfaction and customer service at the DMV).

I’m also reminded of a recent conversation I had with a newly minted nurse.

This nurse, a retired self-made businessman and multimillionaire going on his third or fourth career, went back to school to study nursing because of the passion for caring in his heart and soul. As he was finishing his second year in nursing school, he told me the story about how an illegal alien (no green card, no passport, no insurance) suffered from a collapse lung and received over $70,000 worth of surgery and medical care from a Fairfield County Connecticut hospital. This patient paid no deductible and would have been left for dead in his own country.

My nursing friend stated it clearly when he said “Paying for the uninsured? Shoot, we’re paying for them already. That $70,000 uncollected fee shows up in everybody else’s insurance premiums.”

So, if there is going to be any health care reform whatsoever, I propose the first thing is that there is no binomial division between our representatives and us.

In other words, they have to eat the same dog food and go with the same plans as the rest of us, otherwise they are just plane evil and not coming from a basis of love, let alone true Universal respect for et al.

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Second Video:

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Perhaps the Worst Evil is with Everyday

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Lawrence Lessig suggest similar in that the real ugliness of the Catholic Church in the New Jersey Sex Abuse case he won at the State Supreme Court, was not the evil character at the center of the story but the non-caring (enough) seemingly everyday people who did not pick up the phone, return calls – common people who opted not to risk for comfy of status quo.

You can watch this interview on the Internet Archives – fast forward to about 28 minutes into that video for said discussion about sexual predators and as they point out, the real evil is not just “the abuser and central person in the story, but the real problem is the person who does not pick up the telephone … the people who hear racial slurs but don’t say anything … the evil in good people not willing to take the smallest steps …”



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