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About the March 26th 2006 Music Expoganza

On March 26th 2006, I hosted my first CoolTea Music Expoganza in Ridgefield Connecticut.

This was the first time I held a business event on a Sunday. It was also the first time I created an event model that was family friendly as most of my previous events were for business professionals, and mostly evening, after work programs at that.

It was a very successful event on many levels but perhaps the most rewarding part was the expressions of the younger attendees.

I say this because having hosted numerous business panel presentations in lower Fairfield County, many of the adult attendees typically seem a bit reserved and almost conservatively cautious.

Yet when I looked out at this Music Expoganza, I was impressed on how many of the youth literally sat on the ends of their chair seats, thoroughly absorbing the content from the panels of music industry professionals.

Maybe music is just a happy subject versus something more seemingly dry like intellectual property rights or business financing. Yet these youthful expressions confirm the innate joy in learning something new from people in the know, and learning things that might prove life changing.

And I know that many of the adult attendees had a great time too as I got several thank you follow-up emails. Yet it was the faces of genuine appreciation for panel content that to this day brings a smile to my event-planning minds eye.

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On Air Talking About the Upcoming Event

Here is a clip from a radio interview with WICC’s Ann Karrick where I discussed the upcoming Expoganza:

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Music Expoganza in Print

Here is an article that appeared (1.5meg pdf file) in the Ridgefield Press in advance of the event.

And here is a pdf of the event flyer (317k pdf file) announcing the event.



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