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What Is My Domain Worth

Determining the value of a Domain Name is akin to diamonds in that the value is based on several factors – e.g., just like cut, clarity, carrots, etc. determine the cost of a diamond, domain names have several variables that contribute to their sale price too.

Ye Old Punch Cards

Punch Cards, Digital Resolution and Angels Among Us

This video shows how 750 birds plus fixins flew out the doors of a Connecticut Parish during Thanksgiving 2007 as part of community outreach, yet this post starts with some background on computer media resolutions – e.g., from punch cards in the 1970s to today’s digital consumer cameras – and covers the importance in getting highest resolution possible from the get go.

Truth about Windows Vista

For those of you who Santa delivered a Windows Vista machine, be sure to checkout this clip and my recommendation is to return your machine, get your money back, get a new machine with WinXP or maybe jump ship and get a MAC … ho ho ho!