Song for VanDyke Featured On Puppy Raising Video

Seven minute video produced by Guiding Eyes for the Blind that show and tells what is involved in raising guide dog pups and the statisfaction one feels when they go on to succeed as living partners for visually impaired people – as heard in the ending song in this video by Katie Scott, Song for VanDyke.

Amazing Grace and the Black Keys

A must see video for every music lover, lover of humanity, and lover of God’s gifts, in this video Wintley Phipps tells the story behind the song Amazing Grace and ends with soul winning applause.

Music Industry and Recording with Elliott Scheiner

Legendary audio recording engineer Elliott Scheiner (Beck, The Eagles, Steely Dan, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Cole, Bruce Hornsby, plus others) spoke at East Coast Music Mall (Danbury, Connecticut) about his rock record producing experience and take on the music industry today.

Frankie Vinci

I Like Chocolate – a Song Co-Written* by Frankie Vinci, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Producer

Produced/Arranged and Music Tracks Performed by Frankie Vinci – Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter who has Written/Arranged/Produced and Sung on countless number of National Jingles and TV Themes in the span of his 20 year career in the Advertising business (e.g., Frankie’s CBS Football of the Week TV theme aired for over 12 years and during 5 SuperBowls).