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Intro to Chucking It and Statement of Purpose

Blue Water Inn in Maine with KatieI’ve heard it almost my whole life and thought it would have stopped around the sixth grade, but no. Even today – fifty-plus years later – there are still those occasional times when I’m confronted by it yet again, and again.

Instead of hearing it in school cafeterias and playgrounds as the new kid on the block, today it is mostly confined to friendly, celabratory environments – especially those environments where the greater the consumption, the greater the propensity of hearing it again.

Typically, it is when surrounded by such merrymaking folks for the first time, that it is not uncommon for one of them to point to me and say it with great atisfaction.

With beaming smile entwined with good natured confidence, these merrymaking folks and comedian-wannabees enthusiastically take a peculiar pride in uttering it – as if they were the only ones to have thought of it and/or thought it was the first time I’ve ever heard it before.

I used to get mildly annoyed, but now I just shrug it off and shake my head in slight disbelief.

While not actually verbalizing, my body language usually communicates my typical response, “Okay. Here we go again. Yeah, I know. I’ve heard it before. Very funny. Ha Ha Ha.”

In the early days, the gathered crowds would roar with laughter. Today, the crowd roars have been reduced to slight chuckles, as if pleasantly remembering school days long since past.

Yet almost without fail, the one common denominator between school-yard days and today, is that the announcing orators have always been satisfactorily pleased with themselves.

But now it’s my turn.

Something to do with the promise of pens being mightier than swords or in this case, to update the pen-sword expression, the keyboard and mice being mightier than the collected brotherhood of good-natured pranksters.

Accordingly, for all those whoever asked out loud, and/or for those who thought about it, here’s my response to, “What’s up Chuck?”

Yes, I’m Chucking It! And, welcome to ChuckingIt.com.

What follows will be a reporting of sorts from the e.frontlines of life.

No great wisdom is promised.

No editorial board is responsible for these ramblings.

No political causes benefit from such reflections.

Suffice it to say, that this Connecticut Yankee will do his best to report on the humorous, the thoughtful, and the reality of creative life on the e.frontiers of our unfolding brave new digital worlds.

My goal is to tell it like it is while reflecting about impacts and community values.

I share freely as long as you agree not to blame me.

Besides, it’s not my fault, after all these years when prodded, “What’s Up Chuck?”, I’m finally surfacing with replies.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to share and enjoy!


Contact Chuck

Octopus Encounters Kona HawaiiContact Chuck Scott
via The Avanti Group, Inc. ->

  • Voice: 203.438.8801
  • Mailing Address: POB 319, Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
  • Email: Chuck Scott
  • Please Call: for shipping instructions and/or directions to studio


Chuck Scott’s Professional Overview

Redding Woods - photo by Katie ScottThe intersection of communications, management, computing technology and business innovation continues to be the common denominator of my life and is what makes me unique.

I am digitally fluent – meaning I can create, edit and integrate all forms of human communication (e.g., audio, graphics, text, video) on both the client-side (PCs) and server-side (Linux/Apache).

While perhaps a geek at heart, I was business school trained in accounting and entrepreneurship at Babson College (Boston Massachusetts), followed by more than ten entrepreneurial years as President of Avanti Screen Graphics, Inc. (Ridgefield Connecticut) – a just-in-time marketing manufacturing company that worked with leading communication teams, such as: Bank Leumi, Chase Manhattan, GTE, IBM, Juran Institute, NFL, NHL, Pepsi, Toys ‘R Us, The White House, and Union Carbide.

My enthusiasm for computers started with mainframes and punchcards in the mid 1970s as a student at the Math and Science Center (Richmond Virginia), and I purchased my first “laptop” in 1981 that weighed over 35lbs – a Senior Partner by Panasonic. Thus spreadsheets like Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3, plus MS DOS prompts, 5 1/4 floppies, and word-processing programs like Wordstar, where all a part of my lexicon at the start of my professional development.

During college, I took several courses in management information systems, computer programming (e.g., Pascal), and worked at night as a systems administrator for an insurance company, mostly managing reels of tape and system backups.

Back then I never imagined a career with computers, but now suspect there might have been cosmic foreshadowing within the name of my first corporation, “Avanti Screen Graphics.”

Instead of using industrial silk-mesh screens and machines to print client messages onto various substrates, I now help clients print their messages onto computer screens and TV screens.

And perhaps another cosmic hint stems from the word “Avanti” – a Latin-romance-language word that means, “upfront, hurry, lead, avantgarde”, and is a word that essentially gets to the DNA-root that is hardwired into my innovation spirit.

Back then, we used to kid our Avanti customers and say, “We can print on anything but shifting sand and running water!” If you look at our portfolio and the tens-of-thousands of marketing projects we delivered on, you’d know we were true to our word.

It was during my three-year tenure on the Board of Directors for the Screen Printing Association International (Washington DC) in the late 1980s, that I started to fully comprehend the unfolding global shifts from digital advancements and their sweeping impact across the fields of communications – radically impacting communication providers and industries – e.g., overnight, typesetters and expensive stand-alone typesetting gear were obsolete with Photoshop 2.0.

Thus I started my transition from just-in-time-marketing into the then nascent Internet industry back in the early 1990s.

In 1995 The Avanti Group, Inc., was born when I formed a corporate partnership with former NASA engineers who had invented some key 1980s postscript printing technology that was embedded with early desktop publishing programs like Photoshop and Quark (e.g., they claimed to be the first to print four-color process film-separations off an IBM PC).

Initially I served as The Avanti Group’s new business director, but it was in part during these early years and my growing frustration dealing with “techies”, that I made it a goal to become digitally fluent in order to better serve my customers and better understand my tech partners.

I used to joke with clients and friends that not being digitally fluent was like trying to be a General Contractor who knows nothing about sheet rocking – surely a formula for statistical failure (e.g., overruns, poor estimates, etc.).

And seriously, I say this too because one of my just-in-time-marketing landlords, who at the time ran a large global construction company, confided to me one day, “You know Chuck, when I started my business I knew every detail of building construction, even down to the level of how much it cost to move a wheelbarrow of bricks on the 2nd floor from one side of the building to the other side.”

In the late 1990s, I bought out my Avanti partners, and it was also around this time when I started to bloom as a writer and artist. Thus I had extra incentive to learn how to produce art and share – e.g., become digitally fluent. It was also around the same time I made digital fluency commitments to my then girlfriend, now wife.

At the time, Katie was experiencing frustration writing songs and the cost of hiring studios to produce demos, let alone the costs for changes.

“Sweetheart, I’ll help you write and dance with your songwriting just like authors and writers work with their words and word processors – e.g., to be able to cut’n-paste, save versions, build, shape, edit, spell check, etc.” …

Today, I believe everybody should be digitally fluent.

It’s a lot like grammar and vocabulary – if you can’t read and write, what kind of options will you have in an information-based economy?

Thus, knowing how to work with audio, video, graphics, and text, whether for your own blog, or for your company, is a good thing – one that only provides options to win in new ways yet undreamed!

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Other Background Info

Ridgefield Press Arts and Leisure

  • Collegiate Education: Graduated Babson College magna cum laude (1985); Resident Director two years; Judicial court two years; Numerous honor societies (e.g., Academy of Accountancy, Beta Gamma Sigma, Blue Key); Richardson Vicks summer intern (one of twenty six selected out of 2000 national students).
  • Life in General: During high school I lived in Necochea Argentina for one year as a Rotary International Exchange Student (1978 – 1979); Hole-in-One Senior Year State Championships (4 year varsity golfer – Ridgefield High School 1981); Foster father – raised six guide dog puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind (Yorktown Heights, NY); National Ski Patroller three years; Martial artist fifteen years; Korg Triton keyboard affectionado; Antique book and record collector.
  • My Author Blurb: Charles R. Scott (aka ChuckScott.com) is an American suburbanite who resides in Ridgefield Connecticut with his wife, Katie, and their toasted-marshmallow yellow lab, Kasha.

    In addition to being a professional creative consultant, Chuck Scott is also a writer, photographer, documentary filmmaker, web developer, and business strategist.

    With business school roots, decades of entrepreneurialism and impressive roster of clients, Chuck specializes in helping individuals and teams leverage multimedia and web technologies for maximum success (e.g., information architect; WordPress Multisite architect).

    As President of The Avanti Group, Inc., Chuck digitally hangs out at ChuckingIt.com where he noodles on reflections of all things life, entrepreneurship, creativity and technology.

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Some of Chuck’s Other Sites

  • AlwaysCreative.com – my first book originally published in 1999 that proves creativity mathematically and explorers the creative process
  • AvantiGroup.com – my company
  • CoolTea.com – my business networking site
  • KissPrint.com – my wife’s site
  • RidgefieldTalks.com – a photo journey of sorts
  • WallSpaceWanted.com – my fine art site

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Chuck Scott in the Press and on Air

Below are links to some press listed by date (most recent to oldest):

  • March 2011 – CNBC Jobs and Money: What Are You Whining About?
  • January 2008 – Arts and Leisure Feature in the Ridgefield Press
  • September 2006 – Stamford Advocate – Before you start networking, get on the Net
  • August 2006 – On Air with Ann Karrick- WICC Business Pet Peeves
  • March 2006 – CoolTea Music Expoganza Event in The Ridgefield Press and On Air with WICC’s Ann Karrick
  • October 2004 – Fairfield County Business Journal article regarding the CoolTea NetworkingU event at UConn Stamford – “The Realities of Funding Deals in Today’s Economy”



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