September 2006

Frankie Vinci

I Like Chocolate – a Song Co-Written* by Frankie Vinci, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Producer

Produced/Arranged and Music Tracks Performed by Frankie Vinci – Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter who has Written/Arranged/Produced and Sung on countless number of National Jingles and TV Themes in the span of his 20 year career in the Advertising business (e.g., Frankie’s CBS Football of the Week TV theme aired for over 12 years and during 5 SuperBowls).

New York TwinTowers - is07-93-29

Your Life Design Wake-up Call – An Interview with Mike Jaffe

On the morning of 9-11 when the Twin Towers in NYC went down, Mike Jaffe made a life changing decision to go to work late that morning and have breakfast with his young daughter instead of catching the train at his usual time. Arriving a bit late off his normal schedule, Mike was getting out of the subway station just as he witnessed the first plane hit his corner office killing all his coworkers.

Wake-up calls come in many shapes and sizes but this is one worth listening too as Chuck Scott interviews Mike for approx 15 minutes in this audio file that was originally part of’s Luncheon program which aired on Sept 11th 2006.