Intellectual Property Graveyard

Brief History of Copyrights – Why the Grateful Dead and Dave Mathews Band Get It and Why Our Founding Fathers Would Spit On The Black Rat

Chuck reflects on the current Intellectual Property landscape and laments that the most trusted people in this department, like USA Constitutional author Thomas Jefferson, had it right back with Article 1, Section 8 and Article 27 – 1 … but oh, how money corrupts and confirms the golden rule – in that those with the gold rule. Well, seemingly that is as today’s content creator has new open source options available.

Reinventing Capitalism – An Interview with Howard Bloom

In this 35 minute interview, Howard Bloom covers a wide spectrum of topics including: Enron executives not welcomed at country clubs, growth of Institutional record industry via Warner and CBS, what it means and why capitalism should be reinvented, the power of capitalism in that the miracle fabric of kings is now available to the poorest people on the planet, plus much more.

Wally Amos - the founder of Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies

Entrepreneurial Chocolate Chip Cookies

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie founder, Wally Amos, recounts the origins of how he got into the chocolate chip cookie business – note there is also commentary about the tragic intellectual property lesson when he sold his cookie business in that he could no longer use his name to promote new food products.

Boardrooms are Fun - Photo by ChuckScott.com

Are Muppeteers Entrepreneurs – It Ain’t Easy to Be Green or Is It

A true story about how in 1981 a serious business school committee considered candidates for induction into the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs debated the definition of who (e.g., what types of people qualify) as being defined as an entrepreneur – unfortunately in this case, they missed an opportunity to classify Jim Henson as one let alone honor him for his legendary edutainment entreprensurship.

Let’s Think with David Walley

David Walley, cultural historian and biographical author of “No Commercial Potential: The Saga of Frank Zappa” talks with Chuck Scott in this interview about a variety of topics including: what it takes to be a visionary, todays yuppies are 70s doopers, arrogant leaders who surround themselves with mediocre yes men, plus many other tibets about culture, politics, society and much more …

Believe You Can Work and Be Happy – An Interview with Julie Jansen

Chuck Scott interviews Julie Jansen, author of “I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This”, talks about how finding gratifying work, how it is important to believe you can work and be happy, and how you don’t have to get everything from your work but if you get a lot that makes a huge difference in your life and with those who love you. This plus more – enjoy!

Getting in Touch with Customers – An Interview with Wilder Baker

Chuck Scott interviews Wilder Baker, Chairman of the American Advertising Federation, talks about how advertising relates to marketing, how big companies lose their way, customer focus vs marketing, plus some fascinating historical accounts including one from legendary ad man, David Ogilvy. This plus more – enjoy!

Frankie Vinci

I Like Chocolate – a Song Co-Written* by Frankie Vinci, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Producer

Produced/Arranged and Music Tracks Performed by Frankie Vinci – Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter who has Written/Arranged/Produced and Sung on countless number of National Jingles and TV Themes in the span of his 20 year career in the Advertising business (e.g., Frankie’s CBS Football of the Week TV theme aired for over 12 years and during 5 SuperBowls).

New York TwinTowers - is07-93-29

Your Life Design Wake-up Call – An Interview with Mike Jaffe

On the morning of 9-11 when the Twin Towers in NYC went down, Mike Jaffe made a life changing decision to go to work late that morning and have breakfast with his young daughter instead of catching the train at his usual time. Arriving a bit late off his normal schedule, Mike was getting out of the subway station just as he witnessed the first plane hit his corner office killing all his coworkers.

Wake-up calls come in many shapes and sizes but this is one worth listening too as Chuck Scott interviews Mike for approx 15 minutes in this audio file that was originally part of CoolTea.com’s GoBoardRoom.com Luncheon program which aired on Sept 11th 2006.