Katie and Chuck Scott with Celeste Holm Signing an Autograph

A Fan-tastic Evening with Celeste Holm and Friends

During a 2004 Greenwich Film Festival lifetime achievement award event, Chuck and Katie Scott had an opportunity to meet legendary actress Celeste Holm – the recipient of said achievement award. In addition, Chuck asked her what one piece of advice she would give to young people. Follow this post for her answer and event photos.

CoolTea Door Chics - Suzanne Vick and Katie Scott

NetworkingU – Realities of Funding Deals

Article that appeared in the Fairfield County Business Journal about the CoolTea NetworkingU Oct 7th 2004 Event – The Realities of Funding Deals in Today’s Economy. The venture capital quotes then are just as valid for today’s entrepreneurs looking for funding – enjoy!

Wreaths Around Ridgefield

Wreaths Around Ridgefield

Forty four photos of 2006 Christmas Holiday Wreaths in Ridgefield Connecticut including many homes, communities of worship and downtown Main Street twinkling lights photographed by Chuck Scott – enjoy!

Westport Americana

Westport Americana

Thirty two photos from 2005 Westport Connecticut featuring American Flags flying over the Saugatuck River on the Post Road Bridge plus local venues and end with twighlight deer in Wilton meadow along with a couple action shots from beer and pizza tasting event.

Main Street Happy Hour - Ridgefield Connecticut

God You Are Good

Chuck Scott ponders the eternal nature of the Universe and God’s Authorship while walking his dog, Kasha, on Main Street in Ridgefield Connecticut.

Last Straw and A Right to Die – a Love Story

Late last night I was flipping channels out in the living room while my wife and dog slept peacefully in the bedroom. Somehow I ended up catching the last 1/2 hour or so Frontline’s The Suicide Tourist – a very powerful documentary about Craig Ewert and his choice to die in peace versus die painfully […]

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What Is My Domain Worth

Determining the value of a Domain Name is akin to diamonds in that the value is based on several factors – e.g., just like cut, clarity, carrots, etc. determine the cost of a diamond, domain names have several variables that contribute to their sale price too.